Cut and paste


Lvl 5 cleric. F. 28/30 EXP
HP: 9/9

Attack: 9
Special attack: /
Base attack: 4
Equipment bonus: 5
Trait bonus: /
Attack types: normal

Defense: 17
Special defense: /
Base defense: 5
Equipment bonus: 12
Resistances: /
Immunities: sonic
weakness: /

status effects
Danger sense (P)
Healing bind (P)
shed skin: status resistance
water step
True sight

Berserker crown: +3 ATT negative 1 DEF
Rapier: +2 ATT +1 DEF
iron chestplate: +3 DEF
Battle-Dress: +2.5 DEF, Status ignore: Once per battle, when inflicted with a status effect, you may remove the status effect.
leather boots: +1 DEF
leather gloves: +1 DEF
Melpomene: +4.5 DEF. sonic-based spells or attacks deal area damage. Immunity to sonic attacks/spells.
Belt of language: Allows the wearer to understand virtually any language – Including that of most animals.
Mata hari (bracer)

iron shield: +1.5 DEF
1 clear mind potion
summoning bag: summons Manikins
Lightwood staff: +2M dam, Materialize, one slot remaining
2 blank essences
leather pants: +1 DEF

Minor heal: restores 1 HP to an party member or yourself. major action
Moderate heal: restores 2 HP to an party member or yourself. major action
Inflict (AKA word barrage). Deals 1 damage, minor action
Word sling: Can use a minor or major action to boost any action if used properly.
Agression: minor action. By making sure the enemy knows that he is superior, he reduces their defence by two but raises their ATT by 1. Can also be cast on friendlies.
healing chain: minor action. When coupled with a healing spell, allows you to split said healing spell over multiple people.
Prestidigation: minor/major action depending on effect
Surpreme ward: Members in the party not attacking or using ranged attacks cannot be targeted as long as there is another viable target for the enemy (Conditions such as large area damage or the melee fighter protecting getting knocked out may still apply) – minor action
Silence: major action. The target may not benefit from or use any abilities for the turn it is used on. The target is immune to the spell the following turn.
That’s an order: Daily, full action. The target will be forced to obey one command. Cannot be used to make the target attack himself or an ally of the target.
*Materialize: Wordsling can now materialize items- Produced items cannot be magical (but may appear so) and lack any qualities the original item would offer. The item disappears after 5 minutes, unless materialize is used on it again. It takes two full actions to create an item with materialize. (Though this is irrelevant unless you’d want to use it midst battle.)

Healing bind: Any buffs on healer or target will be shared amongst each other.
Danger sense: Can sense when danger is about to happen or if hostility is near. 3 points
Anthropophobia: When nearby two or more humanoids (excluding his teammates), Cut-and-paste receives an 1 ATT/DEF penalty. (He also receives an additional -1 ATT/DEF for each 5 more persons, though it is capped at three negative ATT/DEF) 2 points.
Pride infection: Slowly turning into a pride elemental


He is the one who gave Speaks With Things That Have Over Exceeded Thier Lively State (and that’s her shortened name by the way). He likes to talk way more than he should and that is why he gives things as long as names as he possibly could, and he did name himself. He got seperated from his clan because they were captive while he was adventuring elsewhere. He accidently got into a few portals that were recently made and some how wounded up here. Because he is an ex teller of a clan, he doesn’t need to be a teller (though it would be nice). I decided to bring him up because I know mort really really likes long names. His very shortened name (and what I will be calling him when he is not saying his full name)S is Cut and Paste.

IME: a blue and silver suit of armor.

Cut and paste

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