Destroys Nations (DEAD)


Replaced by Lost-His-Pants


“Mother? Father? Wha… What are you doing? You’re throwing me out? Just because of the teller’s naming? You know that sometimes tellers twist words-

“What is there to twist, son? Besides, lots of able young goblins go to the warcamps after their naming.”

“But you aren’t doing it for your clan, you’re doing it for yourself.”

Destroys, don’t talk to your mother that way-

No, she’s right. Wherever this place is, it was never my home.

5 years later

Destroys was woken up by the camp noise outside. Debating on whether or not to get out of bed, he relented upon remembering the 3 chosen to tell the Chief about their adventurer status.

He scratched his head and decided he wanted to use his old sword and shield, heading to the armory (which, since this is a warcamp, they must have, right?) and grabbing a sword and shield.
No staff for the wizard?
What, I’m just trying to have fun.
Who are you, anyway? I know you are not some random voice, I can’t get rid of you.
Your predescessor.

Destroys Nations (DEAD)

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