Lvl4 rogue. M. 7/25 EXP
HP: 6/6 ATT:3 (1+2) DEF:7 (0+7)

Leather pants: +1 DEF
leather coif: +1 DEF

Golden cap
A wand of fireballs: Fires a ball of fire for 4 damage. Has 8 uses left before disintegrating. Major action
small dose of poison
two vials
1 healing cap
Grinder leaves
1 diluted healing potion: +2HP

trap detection/disarming
Bandaging: major action. Keep an enemy at 0HP from dying.
Sneak attack: Attacking from the shades ignores armour
Ranged proficiency
Smooth talker: People will generally always like you.
Pickpocket: Can attempt to pickpocket a weapon, piece of jewelry, armour… In the middle of combat whilst in stealth.
How does that even work? = 5% chance of being detected while sneaking
Pocket magnet: Stuff just randomly tends to appear inside his pockets, sometimes useful, but mostly just redundant.

As for a backstory i was thinking something along the lines of him growing up in the same clan as everyone else(Heartbound clan). He finds his curse quite annoying and embarrassing which makes him fell excluded a lot of the time though he is growing to at least live with it, as it sometimes saves his life. Generally he is a happy, go lucky kinda guy and he received his curse because he was too curious for his own good. There was a witch living in a remote part of the forest and he was really interested to see what was in the house, so he snuck in through a window. Unfortunately, the witch caught him and as he was running away, the witch cursed him. He partially feels embarrassed about his curse because in his mind it is evidence of his stupidity. He has a orange IME of firecrackers fizzling around him and His color is bright yellow though I won’t be using this color when typing.


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