One Bluff Too Many (DEAD)


Replaced by Happy-to-be-cursed on Day 5 turn 3


One-bluff is a gambler, always has been. She’s never without a deck of cards, though whether she has a coin to flip depends on her current streak of luck. One week she is lauded for a daring ambush or a surprising victory in a fight, the next she is hissed at for losing half the clan’s food to a merchant. So far, she’s been lucky enough that none of her gambles have had a catastrophic failure, and she intends to keep pushing her luck until she does. At which point? Well, hopefully whoever’s around will be willing to pick the pieces. The clan have tried to stop her recklessness, but she always has an answer: the risks are calculated, or her record is good. Eventually, pretty much everyone gave up trying to put a stop to it, and her closer friends are usually willing to help her get out of trouble, or share in the rewards of her… bravery. Her one concession to the dangers of what she does is to have become very good at running and hiding, escaping from bad situations.

One Bluff Too Many (DEAD)

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