Picks The Plan (DEAD)



Replaced on Day 5 turn 6


When Sticks-to-the-Plan and his twin brother, Follows-The-Plan were named they were predicted to be future leaders of the clan. The two showed great promise early on, and everyone saw it as a conformation. Sticks and his brother had a type of synergy in their actions that could not be properly described through explanation. All they needed was an objective and they would already know what to do, they simply knew where and what the other was at all times. It was as if they shared their visions and thoughts, and when asked how it was possible neither could give an explanation.

Within a short amount of time the two young goblins were able to accomplish feats that some of the adult fighters would struggle with. The clan knew the two would be unstoppable when they matured… However Sticks and Follows already believed themselves to be.

When reports of a wolf attacking their animals arose, it was decided that the two of them were to be sent. Sticks and Follows had no problems with dealing with such creatures before, and there was no way anyone could have known that the wolf attacks was a trap.

While goblins had been more generally accepted, some older, higher level adventurers could not accept the change. This particular time was the workings of a druid, his pet wolf, and a high level illusionist.

No one, save Sticks, knows what exactly happened that night. What they do know is that two goblins left and only one returned. Sticks sword was covered in blood and Follows body was left in the woods, his throat slashed.

Sticks never fully recovered from the death of his brother, and while he was an above average fighter in the clan, he could never be truly relied on in group missions. He constantly would disobey orders, his personality and actions would make unexpected changes without notice.

Tired of following orders, and all promises of leadership long gone, Sticks decided that it was time for a change in his life. He would become an adventurer, he would become powerful, and he would get his revenge.

Picks The Plan (DEAD)

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