Receives Many Beatings


Lvl4 Warrior. M. 7/25 EXP
HP 6/6 ATT:4 (2+2) DEF:10 (2+8)

Pickxaxe: +2 ATT, used for mining
Steel buckler: +2 DEF

Hammer and chisel
Balance potion

inspiring word: Can raise an ally’s attack with 1 for the duration of the battle.
taunt: minor action.
protector: He will always take the damage if an enemy attempts a coup de grace on a friendly.

Defensive stance: when below 40% health he can choose to forego moving and attacking to receive + X DEF bonus. Where X is his regular ATT.
not the face: for each missing HP receives have, he loses 2 ATK but gains +1 DEF


recieves have always been a bit nervous when around people, and given his name he always tended to be a bit on the defensive side around people he don’t trust. He tried to get rid of people more often than not which have led to more than one occasion where it backfired, and the people he tried to protect himself from, by luring them away from him, ended up hostile towards him.
when he decided to become an adventurer he chose to become a warrior because he was sure he would be able to avoid getting hurt too much in further confrontations if he learned to fight and defend himself. this has also let to recieves becomming quite fond of armor and shields because they help lessen and avoid the pain.

Receives Many Beatings

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