Will go Boom


lvl 2 Paladin. M. 10/14 EXP
HP 6/6 ATT 3 (1+2) DEF 11 (3+8)



Detect/smite evil
Lay on hands: minor action. Restores 1 HP. Cannot be used in combat.

+Level/2 ATT for unconventional weapons
+level/2 DEF
Repair any mechanical device
Alchemical substitution
Mechanical ranged weapon ability
Mechanical ability: can copy any device if studied properly.
Untrained in battle: Must use two hands for all weapons
Tunnel vision: when spotting machinery, can’t force his attention away until his attention is broken
Flexible armour: can only wear flexible armour
Spell focus: Needs an focus object for spells
Experimentalist: 50% chance of failure when trying a new potion/spell for the first time
Unable to bluff


Will go Boom

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