Book of legends

A book that describes the origin stories of artifacts


Enter knight Arthur, warrior of Asatun; the demon Xelvoatl; 4419
Xelvoatl, brought upon this world by means unknown, was to be killed before he would spill more innocent blood- Holy knight Arthur, by decree of lord Asatun, was tasked to fulfill this role. The knight managed to finally trap the demon at the Jade cliffs, where their duel ensued.
The duel was a close battle, both demon and warrior exchanging vicious blows- But in the end it was the demon who emerged victorious, a brutal strike tossing the knight from the top of the jade cliffs, to fall to his death.
But in the knight’s final act of defiance, he grasped his spear, which he had dubbed “Rhongomiant”- Throwing it with full force at Xelvoatl, the spear piercing it’s heart with holy might, as so it’s live was ended as well.

Mata Hari
Enter succubus Mata Hari; duke Helvettica; enchantress Katherine; 3419
Mata Hari had entered the plane through summoning- Deeming her summoners unfit for her own purposes, she disposed of them as she moved to a greater target, duke Helvettica. Taking the form of an exotic dancer, she soon seduced the duke, the duke proposing to her within a span of two weeks, as the succubus continued to spin the man around her finger to her own ends.
However, this behavior caught eye of his personal enchantress, whom had interest in the duke herself. Seeing her glamour, but not her true form, in act of jealousy she plotted a trap- A bracer enchanted to trap her glamour, in hopes that doing so the duke would realize his error.
Unknowingly, so the enchantress Katherine managed to reveal the succubus true form- Upon which she was soon slain by the duke’s men. The bracer, now infused with the succubus’s magic and by many considered to be what defeated the demon, was named after the name the succubus had given herself- Mata Hari.

Enter minstrel Melpomene; shieldbrother Groff; 2760
Melpomene was a dwarven minstrel employed in the steel wars for the house Silverforge- Her job was to travel between allied settlements, bringing messages of the progression of the war through song, and bring inspiration when needed. She was assigned shieldbrother Groff for this task, his job to protect her from any danger. It is a commonly accepted fact that, over the course of the 7 years they fulfilled this job, the two had developed romantic feelings for each other.

The pair became trapped in an allied outpost during an assault from house Alebeaker on the outpost- As defences were breached, shieldbrother Groff was forced to ensue battle himself as he attempted to protect the defenseless Melpomene- Overwhelmed by sheer numbers however, one man managed to reach her- Delivering a devastating wound before Groff managed to rob the man of his life. Seeing the gravely injured Melpomene, the dwarf now only sought to bring her to safety- Dragging her limp body through an rain of arrows to safety, protecting her with his shield as cover as he dragged her over two miles, away from the fields of battle- Despite best care he could muster, she died soon after from her wounds.

The savior would arrive mere days after her death. This peace gave Groff time to mourn, as he reforged the shield he had used to protect her, working in pieces of her old lute into the new shield, creating a lute to it’s likeness on it’s front. Upon it’s completion, the lute embolded upon the shield came to life, playing a song they both had known well- As the dwarf called it “Melpomene” in her honor.

Fairytale Artifacts

Please note that the following artifacts are based upon those in fairy tales, and most likely do not exist- If they do, the tales from which they origin are most likely an exaggerated tale of true events.

Enter “Hatter” (no real name known); elder black dragon Khalamut; early 2nd age

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author’s note: explorations to the scarred isles (which the tale describes), despite it’s extensive hostile fauna/flora and several other dragons, have over many years never shown sign of any dragon “Khalamut”.


Book of legends

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