Mana stone


Rare, precious stones containing traces of magic. Highly valued by mages, and found most often in places of high magical concentration.

Known enchantments:
*minor power increase: no special ingredients required
*Basic fire enchantment: +1 fire damage 15 gold
*basic lightning enchantment: +2 electric damage 20 gold
*Ignition enchantment: Sets enemies aflame, dealing 1 armor penetrating fire damage until extinguished. 25 gold
*Rebound enchantment: Bolts of lightning strike out to all other targets in range, dealing base ATT damage of the firer. 30 gold
*Blaze enchantment: Bolts fired deal +3 fire damage to the target, and set the whole are aflame, dealing 1 armor penetrating fire damage to all enemies. 45 gold
*Stun enchantment: Bolts fired have a 50% chance of stunning the target, leaving him unable to act. 50 gold.


Mana stone

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