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Healing cap ==>Pestle and mortar ==> empty vial ==> Healing balm: restores 3HP
Curly root+grinder leaf ==>Pestle and mortar ==> empty vial (2) > antipoison Nightshade+Salpeter+honey>Pestle and mortar ==> empty vial (3) ==> paralysis poison
Nightshade ==>Extraction ==> empty vial ==> Poison
Healing cap+Curly root ==> Pestle and mortar ==> empty vial (2) ==> Healing potion: restores 4HP
Muertella+Sulphur ==> Pestle and mortar ==> empty vial (2) ==> Poison
Fire essence+ grinder leaves ==> empty vial ==> Fire resistance potion
Fire essence+ curly root ==> empty vial ==> “Stimulant”
Fire essence+ sulphur ==> empty vial ==> Fire potion
wind essence+ curly root ==> empty vial ==> speed potion
Wind essence+ grinder leaves ==> empty vial ==> wind resistance potion
Wind essence+ fire potion ==> incendiary potion
Rock essence+ curly root ==>Empy vial ==> iron skin potion
Rock essence+ grinder leaves ==>Empty vial ==> Rock resistance potion
Rock essence+ incendiary potion ==> combustion potion
Water essence+ curly root ==> empty vial ==> sight potion
Water essence+ grinder leaves ==> empty vial ==> water resistance potion
Water essence+ combustion potion ==> Elemental fury
Golden cap+ four leaf clover ==> heating ==> luck potion
Golden cap + essence: Affinity potion: Grants the essence’s affinity for the duration of the battle
Golden cap + curly root: Greater cure: Restores 8HP
healing potion + fairy dust: Rejuvenation potion: minor, restores 5HP
Gold dust + Void dust: Invisibility potion
Golden cap + fairy dust + air essence = jump potion
jump potion + gold dust = flight potion
Golden cap + fairy dust + fire essence = Firebreathing potion
Firebreathing potion + gold dust = Dragonbreath potion
Golden cap + fairy dust + earth essence = Restoration potion
Restoration potion + gold dust = Life water
Golden cap + fairy dust + water essence = waterbreathing potion
waterbreathing potion + gold dust = waterwalker potion


Leather ==>Crafting kit ==> Leather equipment
Leather+bone ==>Crafting kit ==> Studded leather equipment
Skull+4bones ==>Crafting kit ==> Skull helmet: +1 DEF
Fur ==>Crafting kit ==> cloth equipment
Fox tail ==>Crafting kit ==> Fur belt: +1 DEF, 25% chance to break

Boar tusk ==>Crafting kit >Sharpened boar tusk: +1 ATT Dry branch+Vine+Stone spearhead> Stone spear: + 1ATT, throwable
Dry branch ==> Makeshift staff: + 1 mag. damge 25% chance to break
Makeshift staff+Mana stone ==> Ordinary staff: +1 mag. att

Ranged equipment
Bones ==>Crafting kit ==>Arrowheads/Shafts
Feathers+Arrowheads+Shafts ==>Crafting kit ==>Arrows

minor power increase: no special ingredients required. +1DEF or ATT
Acquatic affinity: Requires water essence. Grants water defence/resistance
Reflex: requires air affinity/essence. Grants reflex ability: minor action, reduces incoming damage if attacked, takes 1 turn to recharge. Can also be used for an safe retreat.

6 bones ==> Crafting kit: can be used for leather and clothcrafting

Leader abilities
LVL2: “Lead the attack”: Everyone in the current party will receive +1 ATT for that turn
lvl3: “Raise your shields!”: Damage taken during the turn it is activated on is halved for all allies.
lvl4: “Get up!”: All allies on 0HP are raised to 1HP and allowed to act.

There’s always a base cost of 10 for the cost of a mana stone- That alone is enough to get the most simple protective enchantment. You can also get a catalyst to increase that bonus to +2- The most powerful catalyst available would be eco, at the price of thirty gold and providing +3. +2 would cost 10 gold for arcane essence.
Of course, you can also use elemental essences which are more effective but only apply the buff when hit by the appropriate element. (Can be mixed by any catalyst to even further boost the effect)

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