Almost Drowns


Lvl6 Paladin M. 0/36 EXP
HP: 9/9
Attack: 10+2
Special attack: /
Base attack: 4
Equipment bonus: 6
Trait bonus: +2 (favored weapon)
Attack types: normal, water

Defense: 16
Special defense: +2 to ranged
Base defense: 5
Equipment bonus: 11
Resistances: fire, poison, water
weakness: ice

status effects
Protector (P)
Shed skin: resistance to status effects
True sight
Quick feet

Bladed helmet: +2.5 DEF, 3 ATT when used as a throwing weapon. Returns to head after throwing.
Breaker blade: +4 ATT, 2H
Black metal leggings: +4 DEF, noisy/heavy
Guarding gloves: +2.5 DEF, barbed: When attacked, attacker gets dealt three unblockable damage.
iron vortex chestplate: +3 DEF, +2 DEF against ranged attacks
Leather kick-ass boots: +1 DEF, +2 ATT
holy amulet

Full steel helmet (M): 2 DEF
Leather gloves: +1 DEF
2 waterskins
4 empty vials
8 gold
4 healing shards (
1 HP when consumed in conjuction of a healing spell)

Detect evil: free action
Smite evil: major action
LoH: Restores 1HP, minor action. Can not be used in battle.
Purify: minor action, restores 1HP.
justice: An attack that does +1 damage for each missing HP- Requires both minor and major action for that turn.
Guardian: Major action: The user takes a protective stance in front of the group- His ATT is converted into DEF. The enemy must breach his defence before they can attack other party members.
Divine light: The ability to conjure up divine light. Useful as a signal if it’s up in the air, to blind enemies, or just as a light. It allows to summon one tiny orb for each 4 levels, bright as the sun, which the summoner can direct around in a range of up to 30 meters. Creates light, but no heat.
Shield of faith: summons a holy shield
Formidable force: Knocks back an enemy when used, base def is removed during use. Minor action.
Holy word: Daily. You say a holy word to summon the direct help of god- You can either heal everyone in the party, provide a buff to the entire party for the duration of the battle, or smite the enemy for massive damage. Major action
Water affinity
Healing water: Major action. Target regains 1HP/turn until back to full health.
Holy cleaver: major action. An attack that acts as if it were smite evil and heals the user for 1HP upon striking.
Block: free action. A single target you attack may only target you.

Nimble mobility: heavy armour is treated like heavy leather, therefore granting more mobility, speed and agility.
Scary girls (cannot talk to girls without his words becoming nonesense.)
Tank (Can defend himself against many enemies without a mass attack penalty. If fighting more than one enemy, he gets an extra attack. Each enemy can only be attacked once. For every 4 character levels another attack is added.)
Urbanite (He never left the village he was raised in for a longer time, so he never learned how to deal with real wilderness. He is neither good in tracking nor in outdoor survival skils and will have to rely on his group in that matter.)
Favourite weapon (Swords and swordlike). When wielding weapons of the favourite category, he gains (1level/3) ATK, while he gains -(1+level/3) ATK on everything on those not in that category).
Torrid heat of zeal (He gets more damage from ice/cold, but less from fire/heat).
Protector (He gives a (1level/3) (rounded down) DEF buff for those characters in his group, who explicitly say that they try to stay close to or behind him during a fight (He can protect a maximum of Level+1 people). This does not hinder them from being able to attack. The bonus does not apply to himself.)
Divine favor: An attack that would knock him out instead leaves him remaining on 1HP. Any attack released on him from that point will, however, knock him out.


Almost drowns was not alway so reserved than he is now. When he was younger, he was a hell of a daredevil. But then, the most formative experience in his youth happend. Who would have expected it: he nearly drowned, when he at the lake with some other youngsters. He jumped into the water from a tree to impress some girls, but then his foot got stuck between some of the trees roots. Only the good lungs of Calls-for-help and the fast reaction of Catches-the-largest-fishs saved him that day. From that day, he avoided deep water as best as he could, and if he could not, he always panicked. This made him a laugh, since it is a shame if a goblin can’t swim – for whatever reason – if living in a forest/lake-tribe. What hurt him most was the girls punished him by either disregarding him or mocking him whenever possible. As if his water related anxiety disorder was not enough, he developed a problem to even talk to girls or do complex things while they are around. Having a girl close was like hitting and off-button in his brain.
But for the few people who stayed loyal to him, he was the best friend somebody could hope for. Well, some of them rather stuck with him since they were weak and he was not only not weak, but also very caring and a good protector, but he did not really care for the reason, as long as he was not alone. He is a good fighter, but after the accident it made him very uncomfortable to fight somebody alone. It did not matter if the others only covere behind him, but they gave him a reason to fight for. Some for the case that he fought more than person at a time, which did often happen as a side effect of the mocking after the accident, but stopped when the others found out that it was much more probable that they would end up with a black eye than him. This was injustice, which fueld his righteous anger and made him even stronger.
All this made the question what adventurer class to pick when time had come, a rhetorical one. He was already a paladin, from tip to toe.

Almost Drowns

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