Born and Raised


Lvl6 adventurer. M. 1/36 EXP
lvl 6 ranger
lvl 6 rogue hybrid
HP: 8/8 ATT:? (3+?) DEF:9 (3+6)

Attack: 3 + ???
Special attack: +??? lightning
Base attack: 3
Equipment bonus: 0
Attack types: normal

Defense: 10
Special defense: /
Base defense: 4
Equipment bonus: 6
Resistances: /
weakness: /

Status effects
Butterfly effect (P)
shed skin: status resistance
Water step
Blinker’s delight

Wabbajack: ???
Studded leather armor: +2 DEF
leather pants: +1 DEF
The scouter: scout: receive intel on target and it’s weaknesses/strengths.
leather gloves: +1 DEF
Jester boots: +2 DEF. Prestidigation
Broken Mirror amulet: charged with dark barrage (cursed): Creates up to 3 dark missiles, each striking a different enemy for 12 damage.

blinker stone: A magical pebble that teleports it’s user where it’s thrown. Requires a minor action to throw/pick up.
leather boots: +1 DEF
Leather coif: +1 DEF
Crimson dagger: +3 ATT, poisons deal +1DAM/turn
Bow: 2 ATT. Requires arrows
2 ropes
5 gold
A tiny deactivated clank- Seems to be out of power.
Chaos brewer
bottle of water
2 bottles of poison
blinkers delight

3 rocket arrows
8 1 arrows (1 damage)
15 thunder arrows
10 L??? arrows
2 prestidigitation arrows
1 Cut arrow (never, ever to be used)

stabilizing: Can keep an ally at 0 HP from dying, and when assisted by a member with the relevant feat, can bring said ally back to 1HP. minor action
Deep dive: Can return to his subconcious and back as a major action
Sneaking, minor action
trap detection/disarming, minor action
charged shot: Major action: 1.5x damage, but fails if hit
Sneak attack major action
Double shot: Minor action: Fires two arrows, special effects from the arrow stack.
Weapon Specialization: jabbawack: Elemental roulette. Minor action: When activated, the jabbawack switches to an elemental type at random. Can also be returned to untyped damage for a minor action.
Brute impact: major attack action. The special effects of arrows shot with this attack are doubled.

Weirdness Magnet
Butterfly effect: each shot fired has a small chance of entirely missing. If it misses, it somehow still manages to deal damage to multiple enemies, through the power of shenanigans.
Beastmaster: taming animals or teaching them new tricks/techniques is done with far greater ease. Any pets or mounts are also more effective.


When the fortune teller of Born’s clan got a vision of his ridiculous, horrible and kind of sickly hilarious future, he gave the goblin child the simplest, most generic name he could out of confusion and pity. Poor Born and Raised.

He grew up leading what he didn’t really notice wasn’t a normal life. In a typical season, he’d spend a week being cared for by owls, an extremely tiny flood might carry his bed and only his bed out of the village and freeze it in a distant glacier, and he’d end up very nearly making a deal with a lesser demon in the process of trying to prepare a salad. That sort of thing.

Born and Raised didn’t actually plan to come along on this journey, but a pack of vegetarian dire wolves dragged him out of his bed shortly before it was carried off by a miniature flood, and he sort of got caught up in everything before he had a chance to say no or reconsider.

IME: Green clocks and gears

Born and Raised

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