Dares Devils


Lvl4 berserker. M. 8/25 EXP
HP: 6/6 ATT:10 (5+5) DEF:8 (2+6)

iron chestplate: +3 DEF
iron bloodbane sword: +2 ATT, restores ? HP upon kill

Crafting kit: used for leather and cloth working
Deck of cards

abilities: weapon specialization: sword. Great cleave: can be used once each battle, lowering the enemy’s ATT by 1 for that turn!
Rage: Minor action. Upon activation, deal 1.5x damage, but defence is halved. Can be used once per day
Luck on my side: Can be used once a day for a great chance of “critical success”.
Bloodthirst: Every successful enemy kill will restore half health
Frenzy: Can sacrifice a number of HP to add it as bonus attack damage

lucky: exceptionally lucky in gambling and perilous situations.
Dual wielding


Dares Devils is constantly walking a fine line. Keep your friends close, and your demise closer. It’s good to keep an eye on death you know. So you’re not taken by surprise. Dares is a very passionate goblin who is a talented rather than educated fighter. Dares is a gambler, he loves taking chances (or risks if you may). Somehow he continuously beats the odds. Some goblins would say he is one lucky bastard!

Dares Devils

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