Hears Disembodied Voices


Lvl6 berserker. 2/36 EXP
HP: 8/8

Attack: 10 + 2
Special attack: /
Base attack: 5
Equipment bonus: 5
Trait bonus: +2 (combat rage)
Attack types: normal, fire

Defense: 11
Special defense: /
Base defense: 3
Equipment bonus: 7.5
Trait bonus: +2 (combat rage)
Resistances: fire
weakness: /

status effects
Pole arm specialization (P)
Combat rage (P)
Haste (E)
shed skin: status resistance
Quick feet
Devils kiss

Iron gloves: +1.5 DEF
An iron helmet: +1.5 DEF
leather boots: +1 DEF
iron leggings: +1.5 DEF
Rhongomiant: +5 ATT, 2H. Can be thrown and automatically returns to it’s user. Melee attacks automatically cast smite evil.
Hunters armour: +3 DEF. Proper preparation: Once per battle, the user allows any action that would usually have a chance to fail succeed.
Inferno bracelet: minor action: Must be used together with a fire-based attack. All enemies and allies beside the user in a small AoE are hurt by two penetrating fire damage and burned.

Cutlass: +3 ATT, -1 DEF
56 gold
Focus object: (minor) Uncharged

Rage: minor action. Upon activation, deal 1.5x damage, but defence is halved. Can be used once per day
Bloodthirst: Every successful enemy kill will restore half health
preparation strike: Take one turn preparing to do a double attack on the next turn (if not knocked out)
Ancestry: minor action. Summon the forgotten. Temporarily lose rage bonus. Can be used once each day.
Fire affinity
Ignite: minor action. Deals 2 fire damage and sets the target on fire.
Smashin’ time: Full action. Your melee attack may target up to three enemies.

Weapon specialization II: pole-arms: Attacks dealt with pole-arms slowly wither down enemy defences, having a 50% chance to lower enemy DEF by 1- This effect can stack multiple times up to 25% of the enemy’s total defence.
Automatic combat rage: + (Level/3) ATT, +(level/4) DEF (rounded up) Cannot drink any healing potions whilst enraged, enraging ends at the end of combat.
Jekyll and Hyde: being very quiet and polite whilst out of combat, yet savage whilst in it, most persons will not tend to like this goblin easily.
CharmSpeak: Sentient creatures are more likely to trust Hears, and not view him as a threat, when they hear him speak. Animals are more likely to leave him alone and let him do what he wants, provided he isn’t openly hostile to them or their allies, and are considerably easier to tame. Smarter creatures (e.g. humans, dwarves, gnomes, etc) are more likely to trust him with secrets or important information, listen to his advice, and may even give him discounts at shops. Does not affect elementals, outsiders,golems or undead.

Leadership abilities:
lvl2: “Lead the attack”: Everyone in the current party will receive +1 ATT for that turn
lvl3: “Raise your shields!”: Damage taken during the turn it is activated on is halved for all allies.
lvl4: “Get up!”: All allies on 0HP are raised to 1HP and allowed to act.
lvl5: Pierce the heavens!: For the turn used, enemy DEF and any evasive abilities are nullified.


Hears is normally a quiet, shy Goblin, who rarely speaks to others unless he feels it is necessary, and even then only in short, polite sentences. However, he can sometimes be heard having particularly loud and disjointed conversations with the numerous Voices that he hears in his head. In times of need, the Voices can offer helpful advice, but more often than not they simply remain silent and speak up with random nonsense or abusive remarks at inappropriate times. His experiences with the Voices appear to have pushed him over the edge into partial insanity, as one of the more violent Voices seems to often take control during fights, attacking all hostile foes until they are gone or Hears can regain control; the Voice doesn’t attack mindlessly, and appears to be quite intelligent, but is often reckless, uncooperative, and never speaks except for threats and profanity.

IME: purple ghostly appearances appearing behind him.

Hears Disembodied Voices

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