Studies Everything he can get his hands on


Lvl5 mage. M. 27/30 EXP
HP: 8/8

Attack: (16) 6 arcane +7 wind +3 light
Base attack: 4 arcane, 2 wind
Equipment bonus: 2 arcane, 5 wind, 3 light
Trait bonus: /
Attack types: normal, wind

Defense: 11
Special defense: /
Base defense: 3
Equipment bonus: 8
Resistances: wind
weakness: /

status effects
shed skin: status resistance
Water step
Quick feet

shadowsilk gloves: +1.5 DEF
Shadowsilk robe: +2 DEF, whirlwind aura:
Lightwood staff: +2 M DAM, greater air affinity: +2 wind damage and +3 Wind damage
Cloth pants: +0.5DEF, flashstep: minor action. Damage from one source last turn is negated. Can be used once per battle.
shadowsilk hat: +1.5 DEF, +3 light damage
Buckler: +1 DEF
Belt of summoning: When hit by an elemental spell, an elemental of said type can be summoned for a full action- Can be activated once per encounter.
shadowsilk boots: +1.5 DEF, Haste (First strike)

Fur belt: +1 DEF, 25% chance to break upon being hit
2 mana stones
cloth boots: +0.5 DEF
regular staff
Greed essence
Diary complete until day 4 turn 17"A brief review of Equilibrium history, by the elven council."
Mechanical heart: active, ???
""Arr me mateys! Here be yer tourists guide fer kraken’s cove!" pamphlet
parchment and ink

Plane breach: minor action. Directly connect to the elemental planes, granting improved air,fire,water and earth affinity and the ability to freely mix these. Lasts 3 turns. Can be used once per day.
Wind surge: major action. Deals 3 air damage.
air affinity: can control the air around him. minor/major
Levitate: can levitate a small object (minor)
maintain: major to activate: a minor action is consistently held up without trouble. Changing it however will require a major action, whilst removing it will take a minor action (ex: keeping something levitated)
Hurricane: Full action. Deals 3 air damage. Deals area damage.

Wind Sense: due to his affinity for air, Studies can sense very precise changes in the air around him(sensing drafts and the size and shape of rooms, greatly increased effective hearing because he can sense the vibrations from further away, sensing magical effects on the air. It could become a way to see in the dark or with eyes closed if it’s acute enough, simply by sensing the air around objects).
Knowledge is power: the ability to manipulate books
Summon familiar: Make any small animal/bird your familiar OR find a creature willing to be your familiar.
Bardic knowledge
Combat disability: cannot wield a melee weapon
empowered air element – Attack


Studies has always been a fan of books and stories, at some point he even considered becoming the clan storyteller, eventually though, he realized his passion for books was not limited to stories and tales, but to everything having to do with books. Still, he took his inspiration from stories, especially the story of the goblin heroes. He was amazed by all the adventures had by those ten goblins, and mourned deeply for those who had not survived. And the thing he found most amazing, was that all of it was TRUE. eventually he decided he would follow in their footsteps, becoming the best he could be, to defend his clan, his family, and his friends. He settled on magic as his fighting style of choice, because it depended on books, and so he began his studies, and when he felt he was ready, he joined a few like minded goblins for an adventure…

IME: Dark blue, pages from books and runes being swept around him in a strong wind

Studies Everything he can get his hands on

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