Lvl5 Rogue 22/30 EXP
8/8HP ATT: 7 (4+3) DEF: 9 (2+7)

Attack: 11
Special attack: /
Base attack: 4
Equipment bonus: 7
Trait bonus: /
Attack types: normal

Defense: 9
Special defense: /
Base defense: 2
Equipment bonus: 7
Resistances: /
weakness: /

status effects
Shadow is I (P)
shed skin: status resistance
Quick feet
True sight

Leather coif: +1 DEF
Leather armor: +2 DEF
Leather pants: +1 DEF
Leather boots: +1 DEF
Adamant returning dagger: +2 ATT, automatically returns to the thrower’s hands after dealing damage.
Spiked gloves: +2 DEF. +1 ATT
Ornate dagger: +2 att, +2 ATT
Cloak of shadows: grants control of up to three controllable shadows

Leather gloves: +1 DEF
Crimson dagger: +3 ATT, +1

Sneak minor action
Sneak Attack: major action. Attacking from the shades ignores armor
Weapon specialization:daggers – Deep wound: Full action. The target strikes a critical wound, dealing double damage and causing the target to bleed. Any poison that may coat the dagger has it’s effectiveness doubled as well. Deep wound can be used once per battle.
Assasinate: Daily- Free action. Damage dealt this turn is doubled once more.

Ranged proficiency
Passive: Shadow is I (Stealth will automatically be enabled unless wanting to be revealed or attacking)/Pick Pocket
Color blind – sees everything in shades of black, white, and gray
Short – a full head shorter than the average goblin
Marked – received a permanent mark identifying him as cut off from goblin kind
Nimble – skilled at movement which requires finesse/precision
Fire Keeper – knowledge of gathering materials, starting, and maintaining a fire of various sizes.
Dual wielding


Appearance: dark black skin, eyes with no pupils that faintly glow a soft white, short…for a goblin

Sacrifice was born small and with completely black skin, which his clan determined was a sign that he was the runt of the clan wound would generally prove to be useless. The Teller, in keeping with this, named him such thinking that they would eventually find something to do with him that would benefit the clan as a whole. As he aged, he grew noticeably slower than his peers, and was repeatedly tasked with guarding the camp at night and killing any dangerous animals that came too close, even though creatures never got within sight. Sacrifice considered this an opportunity to prove himself and become one of the Chief’s warriors and searched further and further into the woods as time went on, killing anything he found just to be sure in case he didn’t understand what “dangerous” meant to the Chief. Eventually the clan’s hunting parties found skeletons and rotting corpses randomly around the forest and reported it to the Chief who scolded Sacrifice for not saving the meat. When Sacrifice tried to explain he was doing what he was told, he was criticized for straying too far from the camp and ordered to keep the clan’s cooking fire, a job usually given to those who are very old or very stupid.

Years later rumors of a scouting party from an enemy clan reached the Chief and, seeing an opportunity, ordered Sacrifice to protect the clan and find out where they were. Sacrifice once again obeyed earnestly, and was not seen in the camp for a month. When he returned, the clan’s warriors bound him and took him before the Chief as a coward. When Sacrifice tried to explain that he had protected the clan by tracking them down and killing them one by one and hiding the bodies so that the the others would consider the forest cursed and flee. When he informed Chief that it had worked and after killing four of them the fifth had run of, the Chief further accused him of being a liar because such a runt like him couldn’t possibly kill so many. And then went on to say he had brought a curse to the clan because many of his warriors were sick, even though he knew it was due to the fact that the clan cook was going blind.

The Chief had the Teller mark Sacrifice as “unseen”, forsaken from his clan and goblin kind, and announced that with his exile the clan would rise to greatness. Sacrifice left the clan’s camp and hired himself out as a scout to a human bandit group he tracked down. Although he continued to develop his skills, eventually even the bandits turned on him and sold him into slavery for a hefty profit. Considering himself to have no destiny, Sacrifice took the name Zil, which he heard meant zero, and quietly settled into years of slave labor.


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